The breeze from the beach, the smell of saltpeter, friendly treatment and food with a taste of happiness is what Felicita Díaz and Eddie Rivera propose in their restaurant Villa Pesquera Herrera, located in Loíza.

 They, together with their work team, offer the freshest that comes from the fishing village of the municipality on the norhteast coast of Puerto Rico.

 "Fish comes directly from the sea to the table. The fishermen catch it, descale it and here it is prepared and served. Cooler, impossible", Says Felícita Díaz, who owns this space with her husband, which is a tribute to the good stew and culture of the region. 

"My husband is a painter and he wanted to create a place to show his work and that of other artist. My sister-in-law is an international chef and I am passionate about anything that promotes the culture of Loíza. So between the three of us we decided that the ideal thing was to open a restaurant that would be a cultural center in which the traditions of our town would be displayed", she recalls.


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